My Mind Blowing Adventures in Tanzania


I have been laughing too much in my head off late as I recollect my conversation with people about traveling to Tanzania.

“Is it safe to stay in a tent pitched in the wilderness? How do you speak in Swahili? Are you not afraid to wander alone?” Often poise the confusing voices.

Honestly, if I let these thoughts gain control over my sense of freedom, I would be never be able to explore and proudly say that I have traveled brilliantly in Tanzania. I am celebrating my four years of homecoming and I have been exploring places just to realize Tanzania is so much more than what the world really knows.

I have bypassed travel biases and today gleefully enjoy the wanderlust bite that has spread all over my mind, body and soul.


Hard to believe me?

Read about all my crazy adventures that will only convince you explore Tanzania deeply, bravely and whole-heartedly.

Dialogues at Cheetah's Rock

Sitting next to a cheetah

Yes I have done that with absolutely no fear.Cheetah’s Rock is a wildlife sanctuary in Zanzibar where you can greet the Hyena eye to eye or feed the lion with your hands with lots of love and compassion. It is a place that conserves endangered animals for their welfare and is a safe natural habitat for the precious wild. Unbelievable but true, I was invited to the Cheetah’s Champagne Garden where he calmly sat next to me and we enjoyed a chat through our facial expressions; no fear and only compassion.

What I learned: Fearing animals will deprive you of understanding their innate nature. Let go the fear. Be calm and show that you care.


Swimming with the whale shark

On my trip to Mafia Island on a commissioned assignment almost 3 years back, I only learned on the last day we could swim with the Gentle Giants. I couldn’t imagine what it is like to be next to them. I booked a holiday once I saved enough. A flight- a 2 day stay in the quite beaches – and the most magical memory in my water to date the next day. At first, I could not let go the hands of my guard. After 3 dives my eyes couldn’t stop searching for these majestic creatures and I made a small splash alone to swim close to these gleaming whales every moment they passed by my dhow. From October to February Mafia island is a welcoming home to Whale Sharks and swimming with these gleaming giants is the closest you could get to the aqua fantasy.

What I learned: Your dreams are merely not dreams. They are the springboard to lead you to reality that is beyond the ordinary.

Almost unrecognizable at the Uhuru Peak

Standing strong on the highest free-standing mountain of the world

Till date, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro has been my bravest adventurous attempt and I wouldn’t do it alone if I did not have the backing of my friends. From happy stretches to rigorous stair case training and eating healthy, the mountain gave me benevolent chances to be the best version of myself. I would say… don’t think and just climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. If you are someone who wants to test you real mental strength, this is just the right place to conquer the majestic height of 5,985 meters. I won, I won, I won. I proudly said as I stood tall on the highest free-standing mountain of the world.

What I learned: No one can ever defeat you when you are determined. Not even yourself.


My first safari in an open Jeep all alone.

I am crazy about Jeeps and open-air cars and I just couldn’t hold my horses back when it was about a safari. Hard to believe but I have dreamt about it day and night and I finally managed to get a fully sponsored trip for a safe and luxury camping. Here I am riding solo in a Jeep and riding across the golden plains in Mikuni National Park followed by a flying safari to Ruaha National Park. The Southern Safari Circuit remains untouched and invites a handful of travelers who are safe to explore wilderness in open air cars and get closer to the wildlife.

What I learned: Traveling to the wilderness connects you to nature. Travel without any apprehensions, as if you are to find a purpose and realization.

With my close friend, Sakina Kavi and Dr. Jane Goodall.jpg

Meeting the chimpanzee’s favorite human

There was no way I wanted to miss this opportunity yet there were bleak chances. I did not let apprehensions overpower my will and there I had the privilege to meet Dr. Jane Goodall at the press conference with a private unscheduled chat. As compassionate as she is with animals, she was touched by our inquisitiveness and let us ask as many questions as we wished. This was one of the most groundbreaking experiences I have had till date. And I can’t wait to visit the Gombe Stream National Park and re-live the moments of Dr. Goodall.

What I learned: Opportunities don’t come. You have to create them.

To me, the word Tanzania resonates to the sounds of thrilling drum beats that carry an energetic wanderlust vibe. If you are a traveler, keen to explore, let go the biases and dare to leap into this journey of adventure.

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