Let us Explore Together

Tanzania, the number one safari destination of Africa. I am here to take you on a journey beyond the cliched and to the extra ordinary. Together we will go for adventures from the coast to the mountains from routes no one ever showed you before.

Lets Travel Tanzania is a journey of a nomad, who is enchanted every time she reads about unique places she wants to explore in Tanzania; open air lodges, tree-top stays, jeep rides, untouched beaches, hills and mountains to conquer. Travel along with me to know everything useful and awe-inspiring about Tanzania.

Above all, I know you love this place as much as I do. Don’t forget to connect with me and talk more about your travel plans on letstraveltanzania@gmail.com

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Not many people were sure if little miss delicate could make it to the highest mountain of Africa, including myself. Early last year, I lost my job with an amazing position, was surviving on savings and was facing unending stressful situations. However, there was a voice in me that made me feel strong and realize … Continue reading If a minion can make it to Mt. Kilimanjaro, why not you?

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